Preparing a House for Sale - Tip 8: Prepare your home for marketing

Preparing a House for Sale - Tip 8: Prepare your home for marketing

Achieving top dollar for your property could be easier than you think if you are prepared to do some research and put in a little extra effort.

Preparation is key, and this includes everything from finding the right Real Estate Agent for your home to making sure your front gate opens properly.

A great marketing campaign often means a higher selling price. Not only is having professional photos and videos crucial to showcase your property in its best light, but it is also important that you know what you need to do to ensure your property is at its best when real estate photos/videos are scheduled.

Pay particular attention to any big selling features that your agent may recommend highlighting, such as outdoor entertaining areas. Kitchens are considered the ‘heart of the home’. They are a must for your marketing as well as the lounge room and master bedroom.

Work with your photographer to capture the right mood. After all, your photos will appear on your signboard, brochures, and online and are crucial in attracting people to inspection.




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