Why request the assistance of a Vendor Advocate?

Why request the assistance of a Vendor Advocate?

Your Vendor Advocate will ease the pressure of selling, take the lead in relationships like those with the Real Estate Agent selected to market & sell your home and make sure that nothing is overlooked and that you’re looked after, throughout the process. We will Project Manage everything from the day you engage us until Settlement day and beyond.

The Vendor Advocate that will work with you will make sure that everything that needs to be done gets done, like it is our own home going on the market. Whether you are about to relocate or have already relocated, you can trust that your home will be looked after and that we will make sure that the best result is gained for the house that you formerly called home. 

And the total cost to you for using this Service? Nothing, we are paid by the agent, that we introduce to you to sell your property.

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