Ros - Purchased and Sold with our assistance

I had a property to sell, and a property to buy. And I was aware that these kinds of decisions are made very rarely in anyone's life and are very stressful. So, I sought out David and I was really pleased to discover that David brought a lot of skill to the table, he had previously been an estate agent. He'd also previously been a mortgage broker. So he had a lot of experience he had a lot of contacts, and he was able to provide me, not just advocacy but guidance, education and support. I found David to be very down to earth and was able to explain things clearly. I noted he'd also done lots of research for me. And, knew the trends that were going on in the community. So lots of things that I wouldn't have known he brought to the table as well. And I found him very approachable, very gentle and calm, never rushed. He was willing to travel all the way from southeast Melbourne across to the northern suburbs, even if it was just for me to sign a contract that would only take five minutes, so David helped me in terms of the selling by finding an agent which was really invaluable. He rang around agents he chose three that he liked the sound of, and they basically came to my home with David. And we effectively interviewed them. Once we decided on the one that we wanted which we discussed together. Then David negotiated a fee which I probably wouldn't have done I probably would have just accepted their original fee, but David was able to negotiate that down and get a better price for me. David made the process a lot simpler because he was always available to advocate for me to speak on my behalf with the estate agents, he was happy to check contracts and all sorts of things that I wouldn't have had a lot of knowledge of. So it just took a lot of pressure off, and just the support, knowing that he was there, and he was in my camp and supporting me was just great. So the outcome was that I sold the property that I was trying to sell. And then I bought the property that I wanted to buy and all with David's help, so definitely recommend a Buyer's Advocate, and I definitely recommend David, could I have done it by myself, probably. But, I probably would have paid a higher agents fee, I would have been a lot more stressed and I would have brought a lot less knowledge and information to the process, and probably wouldn't have had as good an outcome.

- Ros - Abbotsford & Reservoir

Kath & Joe - Purchased their First Home with our assistance.

From when we first met David he really took the time to get to know us and our brief on what we were looking for in a house, he didn't put any pressure on us at any time but was really flexible, with what we were looking for, and giving really sage advice when necessary and needed. It was really good to engage with David, because we're both working full time and have a lot going on outside of work as well so he arranges everything in terms of booking private inspections for houses and doing a lot of the legwork, often you just have to turn up to the house and he's done everything.
He also brings a lot of experience, and the best ways to make offers on houses, and also a strategy to beating, or at the options themselves. He also has all the contacts for a smooth and reliable sale, such as conveyancers and building inspectors, who can all work seamlessly together to get the job done quickly, especially when time is of the essence that can be very helpful. And he also assists you in understanding all the paperwork so anything that you might not understand. He just explains that really well, and guides you through all of that. We really recommend using David, If you have the opportunity. Thanks. Thanks.

- Kath & Joe - Blackburn

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