Why is Our Independence important to you?

Why is our independence important to you?

If you're the Executor of a will, us being independent means that we will take on board all of the wishes of the various beneficiaries and work with those wishes, to get the best result for all.

If you're Separating from a relationship and there is a property to be sold then our independence means that we will work with respect for the wishes of both of you and consider those wishes as we engage an agent and move towards a successful sale for you both.

Throughout the process, the agents involved will work directly with us and we become the conduit to you.

Our independence also means that we are not aligned with any Real Estate Agency and as such we always work to engage the right agent to sell your property, starting our process from scratch so that our past experiences of agents don't influence how we select an agent for the sale of your property, while almost everyone wants the best price, not all homes are the same, not all buyers are the same and as such you need the right agent to get you the best result, you may easily find that the agent who sold the house next door for a great price and the right terms cannot do the same for you.

We also do NOT automatically choose the Auction process, mainly because it is not always right for every situation, even though some Auctioneers may try to convince you that it is. A single 

This is how we help you, we know what type of buyer is likely to pay the best price for your property and we know how to find the right Real Estate Agent to find that buyer.

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