Why come to us before you engage an agent to sell your home?

Why come to us before you engage an agent to sell your home?

Every Real Estate Sales Agent you meet will tell you that they are the best agent to sell your home and they will always tell you that their preferred selling method is the best way to sell your home.

If 10 agents tell you that they are the best local Agent to market & sell your home, how do you pick the one that will get you the best result?

If every second agent tells you that an Auction will get you the best result and every other agent tells you that a Private Sale will get you the best result, how do you work out which sales method to choose and which agent to believe?

Our Vendor Advocacy service is how you work through it all, we will take care of it all for you. Because we are transacting in Property all day every day, we know what conversations to have with them and what questions to ask the agents to get the answers we need to get the right agent to help you sell.

If we have you engaged with us before you sign anything with an agent, that will allow our team to:

  • Select a shortlist of 2 or 3 agents to interview about selling your property.
  • Contact the agents and get their agreement to pay us 44% of the commission they will be paid for selling your property (and that then means that our service costs you no more then going direct with the agent) 
  • Arrange to meet them at your property to allow them to appraise your property and the possible sale price and interview them to determine their suitability to sell your home.
  • Ask them questions that will help us to assess how suitable each of them is to be the appointed agent.
  • Engage them in conversations that will further assist us to understand who is and isn't the most suitable agent, sometimes it is about finding out who is least suitable as much as the other way around. 

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